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Forgiving Reed (2014)

Forgiving Reed (2014)

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WOW!!!!BEAUTIFUL!!!PERFECTION!!!!THIS BOOK IS PHENOMENAL!!!!I can't lie to you, you dear reader will need a tissue at the very beginning. I absolutely love when a book gets me from the very beginning. Forgiving Reed will get you from the get go and good luck trying to put the book down to do your daily chores and getting on with your life. C.A. Harms gets you and she will not let you go!Kori is my name, I am living life happy and in love. I am ready to have a baby and live life with the man I love. Or will I? Tragedy strikes and I needs to pack up and move back home to Georgia. The city girl was going back to the country. I don't want to go back because HE was there.HE, is Reed. Effing Reed, the name alone pisses us off. Jerk, loser, asshole, fucker. He is all of those things and I don't ever want to see him, or do I? Ugh. NO!!! No I don't!!! I'm a mom and I need to get my life together to raise my lil man and make a future for me and him. With the help of my parents and my awesome BFF Maria. I don't ever want to see Reed and I hope he's not around.Why do I hate him so much? Well, cause he was my boyfriend and then he messed up before I left to Boston for college. He decided to cheat on me with the schools hussy who is now the towns hussy. Yes, she graduated from school ho to town ho.Well, here I am finally going out for a girls night out which I don't want to be at but have been forced to do by my mom and BFF. We are at a bar and who the hell do you think is the bartender, yes HIM!!! Ugh. Well there he is in all his damn hotness with his hard body and all 6'3" of fine ass cowboy. Nope, I am not drooling I am merely telling you about HIM, REED. Bastard!!!! After that night he consumed me. I learned so much about him and how much he had changed since the last time I saw him when we were still in High School. He made it a point to get me to notice him. For me to see him for who he was now! I didn't want to I fought him at every turn. I didn't need him or want him, or do I?Then one day something happened something so big I couldn't for the life of me believe was happening. Then I found out he was behind this huge event and that is when my walls crumbled. I knew then that Reed needed me to forgive him and that I needed to forgive him. I am living through a hell that only Reed can help me out of and I need the help. I need to move on, but is it right? Am I making the right choices for me and my baby? Am I really ready to move on with my life? Will life give me the HEA I feel I deserve?A MUST READ! GO 1-CLICK Heartbreak, loss and forgiveness are at the core of this book. Kori loses Blake, her boyfriend, best friend and father of her unborn child in a tragic accident. She has to give birth without him and attempt to bring Rhett up in a loving home with memories of his father all around! Reed was Kori's first love until he cheated as a drunken teenager. Now he is a man has he changed and can he be the man to bring Kori out of her sadness? One of my great loves is sexy men with babies and this book gives me that over and over. This book is more about emotions than hot sex (although there is passion) and I for one liked it. I'm going to go on to read more from this author and look forward to book 2 in this series. I award 4 stars~ Rosie

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It was a heartfelt and beautifully written love story. I absolutely adore it.

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