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Four Seconds To Lose (2013)

Four Seconds to Lose (2013)

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About book Four Seconds To Lose (2013)

This is the third book in the series but if you pick up and read this one you wouldn't miss anything. However I think reading them improves your connection with the characters. The author goes into great detail with the story with the characters emotions and the storyline. I definitely recommend this book its perfect for new adults who don't want to read teen books. It is a mix of romance, suspense and keeps you interested. I decided to go with the audio book version for this and I have done with this whole series so far.Cain was introduced to us in Ten Tiny Breaths and there was always this air of mystery around him. You just knew he was going to have one hell of a back story. There was no way a guy his age, who looked like he did could stay single for the rest of his life.So in walks Charlie, into Penny's strip club, looking for a job. She is young and beautiful, she has an uncanny resemblance to Penny, the girl the bar is named after. Cain is immediately drawn to her and for the first time in years he comes out of his office each night just before she takes the stage. He is mesmerised by her and wants to know more about the elusive Charlie. He has not been his affected by a woman since Penny.Charlie is not who everyone thinks she is. In fact that is not even her real name. Her step father is a dodgy criminal who uses her to take part in drugs deals for him. He thinks he is building a great future for her, she just wants to be done with this lifestyle. She is feeling things for Cain that she knows she shouldn't be. She can't make friends with anyone here, it's one of her rules that she knows she has to adhere to. She can't help it though, she feels like for the first time in her life she has real friends and a man that seems to feel something for her. She is lying to all of them and it is eating her up inside.When Charlie is put in a life threatening situation she decides enough is enough and tries to take her life back and determine her own future but that means leaving everything she has come to know and love. Will she ever be free of her step father's control over her? Will Cain accept that she is gone and he is better off without her, safe from threat?I absolutely loved this, the emergence of Cain the sweet, protective alpha guy as he struggled with his feelings for this girl that completely pulled the rug out from under him and made him feel things that he hadn't felt for years. This was a thrilling read and I just loved it :)

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i loved all the books in this series but cain and charlie's stories are my favorite.

Good story! A story line that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Started slow but was pretty good once the action started.

3,75 stars.

4.5 stars

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