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Fox 8: A Story (2013)

Fox 8: A Story (2013)
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0812995325 (ISBN13: 9780812995329)
Random House
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Fox 8: A Story (2013)
Fox 8: A Story (2013)

About book: Okay, let's get this out of the way. There are two main obstacles in the way of a reader's enjoyment of Fox 8: 1st, The fact that it's written by George Saunders, an author I personally love but who seems to draw a particularly "love it or loathe it" response from readers I know. 2nd, the riting stile, wich iz a fonetik repreesentashun of how a Fox wuld rite. As to the second part, I had no problems witht he style. Letting my eyes relax, I found the faster I read it the easier it became to clearly hear Fox 8's voice without tripping over the text. But your mileage may vary.As to the story; it's simple, funny, heartbreaking, and moralistic but without being saccharine. It's got talking animals. I loved it. Take that for what you will. Quite possibly my least favorite George Saunders short story so far. That being said, George Saunders is one of my favorite short story authors, and this being my least favorite of his stories still leaves it pretty high on my list overall. The initial novelty of needing to sound out every word due to the story being told from Fox 8's perspective, although understandable and necessary in the greater scope of the story, is very short lived, and I can see a lot of readers not believing the narrative worth the struggle, which is a shame. Fox 8's naiveté and wonder would not carry as well, and it's destruction would not hit so hard, without it.
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Not as good as some of the other George Saunders I've read...but still good.
Loved this, will read with my grandchildren.
Wow. This was fantastic.
Emotionally devastating.
Be kind to all
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