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Freckle Juice (1988)

Freckle Juice (1988)
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Freckle Juice (1988)
Freckle Juice (1988)

About book: tThe teacher I currently T.A. for introduced me to this book when we were looking for a new read a-loud to do during our daily 10 minute snack time. I had of course heard of Judy Blume, but never of this book, Freckle Juice. It was a perfect book to read during our snack time because it exposed the kids to chapter books, yet it has some pictures and the language is easy to comprehend. Of course some of our students could have read this book on their own, however, for most it would have been on that instructional or frustrating reading level. The book is about a second grader, Andrew, who wants freckles just like his friend in his class. The story was popular among our students because it was an easy concept for our students to relate to, being that they all want something they can't have! The kids also really got into trying to figure out what was going to happen to Andrew and whether or not the freckle juice would work. It made them laugh, think, and had them all listening intently, eager to find out what would happen. It also allowed us to ask lots of questions while reading and have lots of discussions about what we would do and how we would feel during different parts of the story. Freckle Juice was a quirky and funny story that also has a great message; you are great just the way you are!tThis is definitely a book I will have in my future classroom because of the simplicity of the story, yet the depth of the meaning that it contains. I love how the book seems to effortlessly teach you that the way you are is perfect for you and that you don't need to look like or be like anybody else but you! This is an important thing I believe that students need to learn at a young age, especially in our current culture of being beautiful and the best at what you do. I want all my students to know that they are great the way they are, and that they don't have to look like everybody or anybody else! Students of all ages will enjoy this book, but definitely those in the younger grades (1st - 3rd). Great read!

A young boy named Andrew dreams of having freckles like the rest of his classmates and he is willing to do whatever it takes to get them. He eventually gains the courage to ask his classmate how to he got his freckles, but a girl named Sharon overheard and offered her “magic freckle juice” before the other classmate could respond. She gave Andrew the freckle juice recipe for 50 cents and Andrew quickly found out the recipe did not help him get freckles. When Andrew recovered from being sick due to the freckle juice, he tried to convince Sharon the freckle juice worked by drawing freckles on his face with a marker. His classmates could tell it was marker on his face and Andrew realized they were all making fun of him. Andrew came to the conclusion that he should accept himself the way he is. Blume did a great job of making the conflict between characters very clear. This made it easy for the reader to follow throughout the story and also allows the character to have some emotional investment in the story. Although the theme of accepting yourself is a valuable one, it was over dictated in the end. The theme was basically given to the readers instead of hinted to them. A teacher could have his/her class read this book and then reflect on something they love about themselves that they might not appreciate everyday. This book is a great example of how everyone is different and some children need to be reminded of how many awesome traits they have! Blume, J. (1971). Freckle juice. New York, New York: Four Winds Press.
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This book is about a little boy Nick who has so many freckles. This little boy Andrew sits behind him in class and wonders where he gets his freckle’s from. One day Andrew counts the amount of freckles Nick has and is jealous of his freckles. Andrew thinks that if he had freckles his mom would not be able to see if he was dirty. Andrew pays his enemy Sharon fifty cents for “freckle juice”. Sharon had mixed gross ingredients together to trick Andrew into thinking it would give him freckles, when it only made him sick. This book is a great story to read to a class. It shows that everyone is different and no one should be someone they are not. After reading this story to a classroom you could have them each write a few things down that they like about themselves. This book is good for grades two through four. It is a very cute book that kids will enjoy.
Henna Patel
Judy Blume is a wonderful author, she has written many wonderful books that everyone would enjoy reading. Freckle juice is a silly and cute book which was absolutely fun to read.This book is about a boy named Andrew who is obsessed with freckles. A girl named Nicky in his class has many freckles and he envies her for having them. He asks her how she got her freckles and she explains that she was born with them. We all deal with other kids in the class who pull pranks and fool you. The same happened to Andrew, a girl named sharon in his class fooled him into drinking something which she guaranteed he would get some freckles. First he doesn't believe her until she shows him freckles on her own nose. The story continues with more surprises of what happens after he drinks the "freckle juice". I think this book is absolutely wonderful for all ages. It's a fun book to read and everyone can relate to Andrew. I can remember when I wanted beautiful hair like my friend back in middle school and I asked her what she did to get her long shiny hair. Sometimes you want something so badly, you would do anything to have it. This a great book for 1st grade and up. I could use this book in a guided reading and have discussions about the book. Students can share their favorite parts with each other and how it relates to their own lives.
Taylor Hainley
The book "Freckle Juice" by Judy Blume is about a boy named Andrew that wants to have freckles on his face like his friend Nicky does. He asks everyone how to get freckles and a girl in his classroom named Sharon tells him that she has a "secret" recipe for freckles. She calls this recipe "freckle juice" and tells Andrew she will give it to him for 50 cent. Andrew gets the money from his bank in his room and gets the recipe from Sharon. He goes home and makes the juice, which is all these ingredients that you usually would not put together. The juice makes Andrew very sick and he is out of school for 2 days. When it is time for him to go back to school he still doesn't have freckles and doesn't want Sharon to make fun of him. He goes to the bathroom before school and draws blue freckles all over his face with permanent marker. When he gets to school, Miss Kelley, his teacher tells him that she has a secret recipe to get rid of freckles. She gives him the recipe and he gets the fake freckles off his face. When he goes back to his class, Miss Kelley explains to him that he looks good without freckles and he needs to be confident about himself how he is right now. I think this book would be great to use to teach student about self confidence in themselves. I would use this book in a 3rd or 4th grade class because I think that is the time students start to think about what they could change about themselves. I think reading students this book in a literature lesson would really help some students with being confident in themselves no matter what.
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