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Series: A Second Chance

by Author M.J. Abraham


Resplendent (2013)

It takes a lot more energy to bury pain than it does to confront it.- SavannahSometimes, it was just nice to blend in with people, to get lost and not have to worry about a thing.- SavannahHow do I escape the monotony of my everyday life?- SavannahI fell. I fell fast and deep into an abyss of lov...

Resplendent (2013) by M.J. Abraham

Happenstance (2013)

Right off the bat you can tell Victoria is a good, kind, caring person, "let's get you fixed up, little guy." I can feel his heartbeat under my palm. I have the urge to kiss him on the top of his head, but I resist. I know he's probably skeptical of me, and I can't blame him." And well we find ou...

Happenstance (2013) by M.J. Abraham