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Series: Brady Coyne

by Author William G. Tapply


Cutter's Run (2002)

One in the Bardy Copyne series that I missed and am so glad I went back to pick it up and read it.Mr Tapply has some an ease, in the way he writes/talks that you almost forget you are flipping the pages followig along in the story of Brady and his lady friend Alex. Alex, a writer, has leased a co...

Cutter's Run (2002) by William G. Tapply

Close to the Bone (1996)

CLOSE TO THE BONE (Legal Thriller-Brandy Coyne-Boston-Cont) - VGTapply, William G. – 14th in seriesSt. Martin’s Press, 1996, US Hardcover – ISBN: 0312145675First Sentence: Julie keeps telling me I’ll never be a proper lawyer if I keep driving out to the suburbs to meet my clients at their homes...

Close to the Bone (1996) by William G. Tapply

Outwitting Trolls (2010)

Smooth, intelligent, engaging...a most worthy whodunit of a gentler nature. No F-bombs or brain splatter to dodge. Protagonist Brady Coyne is a bright level-headed lawyer with low key style and intrinsic truth seeking skills. A very likeable guy who seems like your best bud. Yes, "Outwitti...

Outwitting Trolls (2010) by William G. Tapply