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Series: Brooklyn Girls

by Author Gemma Burgess


Brooklyn Girls (2013)

Loved this book. I picked up four new slang words. Not that I would ever utter them. What sounds funny out of a 23 yo comes off as desperate for an older gal. However, I enjoyed reliving my youth while reading. Noone can quite nail female friendship like Nora Roberts, however this author does a...

Brooklyn Girls (2013) by Gemma Burgess

Baby z Brooklynu: Pia (2014)

Žiaľ, ako som sa na to tešila, tak som bola sklamaná :( Po prvej tretine knihy som si myslela, že to už ani nedočítam, ale je to napísané (štýlom) fakt takým ľahkým, že ako prázdninové čítanie v pohode obstojí. Ale chýbala mi tam nejaká hlbšia myšlienka, skrátka niečo WOW. Asi mi táto konzumná pá...

Baby z Brooklynu: Pia (2014) by Gemma Burgess

Beginner's Luck: A Brooklyn Girls Novel (2013)

Another beauty from Gemma Burgess. I'm slowly working through all her books, I had a review planned in my request/ask about a sequel...but it appears i'm behind as the 2nd book is listed on here! I will be getting any others in the series as soon as I can.The book is well written, tread...

Beginner's Luck: A Brooklyn Girls Novel (2013) by Gemma Burgess