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Series: Brothers Sinister

by Author Courtney Milan


The Suffragette Scandal (2014)

Antagonist hopes to ruin the damsel who refused him. Hero steps in to save the lady who arguably could save herself. Milan not only recycles this plot from a previous book, but a previous book in the same series. Ouch.This was okay. Free is clever. The hero talks a lot about being a scoundrel. Th...

The Suffragette Scandal (2014) by Courtney Milan

El escándalo de la sufragista (2014)

I probably need to acknowledge at this point that if Courtney Milan is writing it them I'm going to be reading it. It's a romance, sure, with all the lovey-doviness and faux-conflict you'll find in any romance. (Seriously, folks, it's called communication. It solves many problems.) But this parti...

El escándalo de la sufragista (2014) by Courtney Milan

The Countess Conspiracy (2013)

I've really enjoyed this series and maybe I had crazy high expectations on this one bc I expected more in terms of the actual scientific and social advances or rather expected it much sooner in the book. I felt a lot of the inner workings of both MCs minds tho needed to explain their actions and...

The Countess Conspiracy (2013) by Courtney Milan

La conspiración de la condesa (2014)

I have been looking forward to reading this since I started The Duchess War and it was everything I hoped for. Violet is so clever, funny and self deprecating I have to admit she reminds me a lot of myself. Plus she is so formidable and terribly strong, she is by far one of the best heroines I ha...

La conspiración de la condesa (2014) by Courtney Milan

La ventaja de la heredera (2014)

The emotional upheaval...Fantastically written, unlike any other historical romance I've read. Very real and I don't mean that there was a lot of historical accuracy but that the characters and their hopes and fear were all quite empathetic. I've gone through the whole of the human emotional spec...

La ventaja de la heredera (2014) by Courtney Milan

The Duchess War (2012)

Another excellent book by Courtney Milan. She serves up her heroines in the smart and sassy range; each of her romances has a feminist slant. Her women are not to be trifled with, and they will keep the men on their toes. Which requires the men to be thinking 3-dimensional characters as well, ...

The Duchess War (2012) by Courtney Milan

La guerra de la duquesa (2014)

After having recently read the Governess Affair (and loved it!) I was truly looking forward to a full sized novel by same author. I do have to say that this one left me slightly disappointed. It was extremely slow in between short blasts of activity which is what kept me going...but just barely...

La guerra de la duquesa (2014) by Courtney Milan