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Series: Elemental Assassin

by Author Jennifer Estep


La revanche de l'araignée (2012)

This is actually a good book. I love how the author started it with a very fast-paced scene. I love the heroine. I love the plot. The only thing I didn’t like was the hero. Gin is a powerful elemental. She has both stone and ice and she’s very good with knives. The problem is she’s paired with a ...

La revanche de l'araignée (2012) by Jennifer Estep

L'orchidée et l'araignée (2012)

The problem with having brilliant books as prequels is that it's really difficult for a book to live up to your expectations. This is definitely an engrossing read, just like the rest of the series so far, but it tends to drag midway through. I love Jennifer Estep's style of writing and how many ...

L'orchidée et l'araignée (2012) by Jennifer Estep

Deadly Sting (2013)

This one was good. But the fact that a majority of the novel occurs in the same location during one museum heist/party made it a little stale at times. But the rest of the novel was good-interesting crime, well written, action filled, etc. I like that this series continues to develop in differen...

Deadly Sting (2013) by Jennifer Estep

Spider’s Revenge (2000)

I had to demote this volume’s ranking from its siblings for a couple of reasons. First, it starts off with an architectural blunder so great that I just couldn’t move past it. I’ve been letting her house descriptions slide so far (even though I wince at them for the most part), such as Owen’s “...

Spider’s Revenge (2000) by Jennifer Estep

Poison Promise (2014)

Sometimes I wonder if the Spider is getting a little too sappy for her own good. The big fight sequence with Benson; turns out she did at the end what she could have accomplished at the very beginning without all the time consuming bashing back and forth. She used her stone magic. Then killing a ...

Poison Promise (2014) by Jennifer Estep

Heart of Venom (2013)

Gin Blanco returns in book nine of the Elemental Assassin series. This time around Gin is dealing with her friend being abducted. Sophia was taken by a crazy man named Harley Grimes, who kidnapped her in the past to tortured her and hasn't gotten over that fact that he didn't break her before she...

Heart of Venom (2013) by Jennifer Estep

Widow’s Web (2012)

This book is one of the books that I really chose to read because I read the summary. And I only got this as a free eBook and I didn't even expect for it to be part of a series. So, well, let's just say that I started reading The Elemental Assassin Series with the seventh book. I mean, assassin. ...

Widow’s Web (2012) by Jennifer Estep

By a Thread (2012)

Gin Blanco returns in book six of the Elemental Assassin series. After killing Mab Monroe, her cover as The Spider has been blown and she has all the wannabe thugs out to get her in attempts to prove themselves. Talk about annoying, you'd think her taking out a big villain would cause people to n...

By a Thread (2012) by Jennifer Estep

Tangled Threads (2011)

It seems that these Elemental Assassin novels just get better and better. I am enjoying the build as we slowly get through Mab's underworld. I really love Gin's close circle of people, the family she has created. Even as things are getting more and more complicated, more and more dangerous, I ...

Tangled Threads (2011) by Jennifer Estep

Spinnentanz (2014)

Eigentlich wollte sich die Auftrakskillerin Gin Blanco zur Ruhe setzen und sich nur mehr dem Restaurant widmen, aber dann beschließt sie einem ehemaligen Freund von Fletcher, ihrem früheren Mittelsmann und toten Ziehvater, zu helfen. Dafür muss sie sich mit Dawson einem Zweg mit Steinmagie anlege...

Spinnentanz (2014) by Jennifer Estep

Trahisons (2011)

Ganz unerwartet hatte mir der Piper Verlag den zweiten Teil der "Elemental Assassin" Reihe von Jennifer Estep zugeschickt. Ich habe mich sehr gefreut, denn es lag noch nicht solange zurück, dass ich den ersten Band gelesen hatte.Worum gehts?Gin stößt im Restaurant auf einen ungebetenen Gast, der ...

Trahisons (2011) by Jennifer Estep

Le baiser de l'araignée (2011)

Any book that makes me so intrigued as to ignore the rest in my queue to read more of the series, is a 5 for me. Spider's Bite did exactly that. I found the seamless way Ms. Estep introduced me to her strangely altered world was unique. A perfect blend with the familiar and the magical made ...

Le baiser de l'araignée (2011) by Jennifer Estep

Spinnenkuss (2013)

Meh. Definitely not what I was hoping for. I don't think the author put a lot of effort into researching for her character's role as an assassin because there are big plot holes all over the place why and how Gin kills people. The asylum scene in the beginning was great but everything went downhi...

Spinnenkuss (2013) by Jennifer Estep