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Series: FBI Thriller

by Author Catherine Coulter


Blow Out (2005)

My opinion - not her best work.Savich, Sherlock and their son, Sean, are spending some family time at a cabin in the Poconos. On his way back from the market, Savich’s SUV blows a tire. Just as he’s done changing it, a woman comes running out of nowhere, not suitably dressed for the weather, scre...

Blow Out (2005) by Catherine Coulter

Blind Side (2015)

Sam Kettering is six years old, and hes been kidnapped. He escapes through a bedroom window when his kidnappers are arguing. He runs as fast as his little legs will carry him. He emerges from a wooded area right into the arms of sheriff Katie Benedict and her five year year old daughter Keely. K...

Blind Side (2015) by Catherine Coulter

The Maze (1998)

This review is in reference to the audio book version.The Maze started out so well that I actually began to look forward to reading/listening to the other FBI books that Catherine Coulter has written. However, in part due to the narrator's sometimes sing-song voice, the prose began to grate on me...

The Maze (1998) by Catherine Coulter

Double Take (2007)

Double Take - FBI Thriller #11 - Savich and Sherlock - (Julia Ransom and Sheney Stone [also Dixon and Ruth]) - Several plots going on - Dixon is looking for his wife. Cheney is rescuing Julia from death and from the Psychic world (as she is the widow of a psychic). It's been more than six months ...

Double Take (2007) by Catherine Coulter

The Target (1999)

REVIEW OF AUDIO & EBOOK; FEBRUARY 6, 2015Narrator: Sharon WilliamsThe Narrator: Williams wasn't as good as Ericksen, who narrated the previous book, The Maze. Her voice for the little girl, Emma, was not very good. Emma sounded like a teen rather than a 6 year-old girl.The Story: I always try to ...

The Target (1999) by Catherine Coulter

The Edge (2000)

First off, I liked this book. It wasn't boring. It was more than fluff, less than hard-boiled. I'd recommend it. The reason that I'm saying this up front is that there were a few issues I had with the writing, but they weren't major enough to affect my rating. I found it really, REALLY obvio...

The Edge (2000) by Catherine Coulter

Point Blank (2007)

I have a little time between deadlines now so I dug into the latest bag of books a friend gave me and pulled out this Catherine Coulter paperback. It's one of her FBI thrillers so I knew I would enjoy it. Her star characters, FBI agents Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock, are married now and have...

Point Blank (2007) by Catherine Coulter

Backfire (2012)

Back Fire is an FBI Thriller by Catherine Coulter. She takes her FBI duo, Lacey Sherlock and Dillon Savich, from Washington, DC to San Francisco to help a friend. The plot thickens and twists as they try to locate a killer. This book is one of my favorite ones about the FBI. Judge Ramsey Hunt...

Backfire (2012) by Catherine Coulter

Whiplash (2010)

Very much enjoyed "Whiplash," my first Catherine Coulter book, and I so appreciate being able to jump in right in the middle of a series and still understand what's going on. This book appealed to me because of its plotline involving a sudden shortage of a much-needed chemotherapy drug. Loved the...

Whiplash (2010) by Catherine Coulter