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Series: Hitchcock Sewell

by Author Tim Cockey


Murder in the Hearse Degree (2003)

Con justicia, 2.5. No es este, de hecho, un libro pésimo. Es solo que es un libro que no propone nada en absoluto. O que, en el peor de los casos, tiene en su propuesta —un tipo que se mete a investigar cosas A o B mientras dirige su propia empresa de pompas fúnebres— su punto más débil. Uno no t...

Murder in the Hearse Degree (2003) by Tim Cockey

The Hearse You Came in On (2001)

I should say that I know Tim, and that he is as witty and likeable in real life as his writing is. This is the first in his series of comedy thrillers focusing on a Baltimore undertaker named Hitchcock Sewell. The tone is light, funny, and clever. There is no Chandleresque darkness here (altho th...

The Hearse You Came in On (2001) by Tim Cockey

Hearse of a Different Color (2001)

#2 in the Hitchcock Sewell series.Baltimore mortician Hitchcock Sewell series - When the murdered corpse of Helen Waggoner is dumped on the front steps of Baltimore's Sewell & Sons Family Funeral Home, which Hitch runs with his Aunt Billie, it's especially perturbing because a wake is in progress...

Hearse of a Different Color (2001) by Tim Cockey