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Series: Inspector Banks

by Author Peter Robinson


Blood At The Root (2005)

This is the ninth book in the Inspector Banks series. Police Constable Ford comes upon what initially looks like a drunk, not able to make it home and sleeping it off against a graffiti scarred wall in an alley. But when the body does not move and he looks more closely, it is obvious the young ...

Blood At The Root (2005) by Peter Robinson

Piece Of My Heart (2007)

In this the sixteenth book in the series, Robinson does a fine job of holding our attention with an interesting mystery as well as the evolving character of Alan Banks. Robinson moves between two murders which take place about forty years apart but it seems, may be related.Back in September of 19...

Piece Of My Heart (2007) by Peter Robinson

Strange Affair (2006)

#15 DCI Alan Banks police procedural set in Yorkshire, UK. Banks, still recovering from the devastating fire at his cottage that almost cost him his life, is on holiday and wondering what to do with his time when he receives a couple of cryptic voicemails from his brother Roy, a wheeling-and-deal...

Strange Affair (2006) by Peter Robinson

Playing With Fire (2004)

Banks takes the biscuit and is reminded of his youthful dunking...I'm not sure if I've read Peter Robinson before. Probably I have, he's prolific and my wife likes Inspector Banks. I bought Playing with Fire together with Strange Affair and Not Safe After Dark from the Book People for 5 the lot. ...

Playing With Fire (2004) by Peter Robinson

Close To Home (2004)

RATING: 4.25Inspector Alan Banks has been through a grueling time both personally and professionally and has decided to recuperate by taking his holidays in Greece for a month. He's run away from his messy life and has found paradise of a kind, but not for long. For things are happening back ho...

Close To Home (2004) by Peter Robinson

Innocent Graves (2004)

Robinson continues the Inspector Banks series with the eighth book. Rebecca Charters, the wife of the vicar at Saint Mary’s church, is out wandering in the graveyard when she abruptly comes upon the body of a young schoolgirl behind a huge Victorian sepulcher. The girl’s clothes have been torn ...

Innocent Graves (2004) by Peter Robinson

Wednesday's Child (2010)

This is the sixth novel in the series. Brenda Scupham is an unmarried mother who lives in a humble estate home with her seven year old daughter Gemma and her boyfriend Les Poole. Les has been in and out of prison, spends most of his time at the pub or with his bookie and has never had a job. He h...

Wednesday's Child (2010) by Peter Robinson

Past Reason Hated (2000)

This is the fifth novel in the series, which continues the story of Inspector Banks and the new life he has carved out for himself in Eastvale after leaving his stressful life in London.There have been some personnel changes at Eastvale Regional Headquarters since the last book. Susan Gay has mo...

Past Reason Hated (2000) by Peter Robinson

The Hanging Valley (2002)

This is number four in the Inspector Banks mystery-suspense series which gets better with each new volume. A hiker has discovered a body partially hidden up on the fell around Swainshead Village. The body is in a grisly condition having been lying exposed to the elements for about a week. That m...

The Hanging Valley (2002) by Peter Robinson

Gallows View (2000)

With insomnia wrecking my nights (again) I've begun to read detective fiction again, these long and endless series of novels that really just form one continuous story. I love those that develop the character as we go, and a perfect example are the Inspector Banks series by Peter Robinson, which ...

Gallows View (2000) by Peter Robinson

In A Dry Season (2000)

http://talesfromfoxglovecottage.blogs..."In a Dry Season is a 1999 work by Peter Robinson and (I discovered after reading it) one of a series of novels featuring Inspector Alan Banks and set in the fictional town of Eastvale in Yorkshire.I was drawn to this book (I admit it) because I was intrigu...

In A Dry Season (2000) by Peter Robinson

abbatoir blues (2000)

I've probably said it before, but Peter Robinson is solid. "Abattoir Blues" is listed as #22 in the Inspector Banks series and it keeps on ticking like a reliable watch, an unshowy watch.On the surface, the book seems like fairly routine crime fiction but Robinson sneaks in details and a bit of ...

abbatoir blues (2000) by Peter Robinson

All The Colours Of Darkness (2000)

I can't believe it, but each book is better than the one before.Here, a group of schoolboys discover a body hanging in the woods, and Detective Inspector Annie Cabot gets the case. The body is identified as Mark Hardcastle, set and costume designer for the local Eastvale Theatre. The situation po...

All The Colours Of Darkness (2000) by Peter Robinson

All The Colors Of Darkness (2009)

I was given this by a friend because we share a love for British mysteries, but while it's well written and a complex mystery, I didn't like it enough to want to read any more DCI Banks books. In part I didn't connect with the characters. They are individual and three-dimensional, true, but they ...

All The Colors Of Darkness (2009) by Peter Robinson