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Series: Legend

by Author Marie Lu


Legend – Schwelender Sturm (2013)

This book is the second on in the series. It is pretty great. I think that Marie Lu did a great job in keeping the interest of the readers by starting directly where she left off. I feel as though sometimes authors don't do that and it makes it hard for me to want to read their works any more.Pro...

Legend – Schwelender Sturm (2013) by Marie Lu

Champion (2013)

If there's one thing I hated on this trilogy's ending novel, it's how it made my emotions go haywire. 20% of time, I shed a tear or two while following the lives of Day and June. The rest of the time was just an utter chaos of emotions. Ugh. Nevertheless, much as I hated how it manipulated my emo...

Champion (2013) by Marie Lu

Berstende Sterne (2014)

Wow,Champion is absolutely BREATHTAKING. I LOVED the first two books, and I was definitely NOT disappointed by this one. It was written so well, full of action and suspense, woven with beautiful heartbreaking stories of love, and a continuous page-turner. I loved being able to read from specifica...

Berstende Sterne (2014) by Marie Lu

Prodigy (2013)

Most second books of trilogies are the same; most a build up for the last book. This was definitely that. While Legend had everything I loved about YA, this was like a daunting CW TV drama. I mean I love CW shows but gosh the amount of drama in this is a bit putting off. And while I admired all o...

Prodigy (2013) by Marie Lu