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Series: Loveswept Romance

by Author Janet Evanovich


The Grand Finale (2009)

Bought while waiting for my sister to finish shopping.Summary:Girl: [stupid/clumsy/love-burned/focused:] I am stupid and clumsy and love-burned and focused!Boy: [good-looking/rich/persistent/patient:] I am good-looking and rich and persistent and patient!Girl: I don't want to fall in love!Bo...

The Grand Finale (2009) by Janet Evanovich

Naughty Neighbor (2008)

It took me two weeks to read Dracula and it’s taken me a day and a half to read this. When I finished it, my fiance looked at me and said, “Already? You just started.” What can I say, it was a cute, easy read and I love me some Janet Evanovich. That’s probably obvious since half the books I’ve re...

Naughty Neighbor (2008) by Janet Evanovich

Love Overboard (2005)

Another of Evanovich’s early romance novel writing efforts, this one was either a very early work, or one of the later ones where she began to chafe at the confines of romance writing. The romance in this novel seems a bit by-the-book and doesn’t blend well with the characters and action. The boo...

Love Overboard (2005) by Janet Evanovich

Thanksgiving (2006)

This short lighthearted story is about Megan Murphy, a potter, horse sitter and a weekend aid in Colonial Williamsburg who meets Patrick Hunter a pediatrician who just finished his education and is now starting a practice in town. The two meet when Patrick’s escaped rabbit finds her sitting in a ...

Thanksgiving (2006) by Janet Evanovich