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Series: Mackinnon

by Author Elaine Coffman


So This Is Love (1995)

So This Is Love by Elaine CoffmanI enjoyed this story, sometimes it's good not to get what you think you want.The description of the book I am listing below is from the back jacket of the book. I'm adding it because I believe the one on the Goodreads page does not depict this story. He wanted a v...

So This Is Love (1995) by Elaine Coffman

When Love Comes Along (1996)

Lovers of historical romance will be completely captivated by Elaine Coffman’s When Love Comes Along, the sixth novel in the MacKinnons series. The author’s well-crafted story, brimming with historical details including language and dialect fitting for the time period, draws the reader fully into...

When Love Comes Along (1996) by Elaine Coffman

Somewhere Along The Way (1998)

Texas meets Scotland. Interesting concept. I liked the concept and the characters. I didn't know this was a series, but this book definitely could stand on its own. To go into detail would give away too many spoilers. I liked seeing the growth of the two leads. The secondary characters were also ...

Somewhere Along The Way (1998) by Elaine Coffman