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Series: Matthew Bartholomew

by Author Susanna Gregory


An Unholy Alliance (1998)

Another random find at the library. I was in the mood for something light and went to look at the Phillipa (Philippa?) Gregory books my branch had. Well, I've read them all, but Susanna Gregory was right next to her. I was a bit hesitant, because the description of Matthew Bartholomew of a doctor...

An Unholy Alliance (1998) by Susanna Gregory

A Bone of Contention (1998)

Der Schatten der Pest liegt über Cambridge. Die Gläubigen suchen Schutz in der Macht heiliger Reliquien. Doch die Knochenhand eines Märtyrers, die Doctor Bartholomew zur Prüfung vorgelegt wird, ist viel zu bleich, um jahrelang im Sumpf gemodert zu haben. Und sie trägt einen Ring, wie er zuletzt d...

A Bone of Contention (1998) by Susanna Gregory

A Plague on Both Your Houses (2003)

My rating: 3.5 stars. A good start to a series with room for improvement. I think I like Matthew, but there is not a lot of character development. The plot doesn't really go anywhere either - you won't learn anything before Matthew does. An awful lot of dead bodies in the first chapter, and that ...

A Plague on Both Your Houses (2003) by Susanna Gregory