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Series: Night World

by Author L.J. Smith


Secret Vampire (1996)

Sweet. That is one word that describes this book. The characters were sweet, the romance was sweet, etc. Still, do not let that word fool you. This isn't some childish fairy tale, or one of those cheesy romances with no story or depth behind them, despite the corny covers with bad hair cuts and s...

Secret Vampire (1996) by L.J. Smith

Night World Series: Strange Fate (2013)

I haven't waited as long as others, but seriously, just finish writting the book! Soooo many excuses, and now their will be a fanfiction on amazon from the vampire diaries before the book even has an official release date that will stick! well....that is unless barnes and nobles date of 2030 is c...

Night World Series: Strange Fate (2013) by L.J. Smith

Strange Fate (2000)

Alright. I have been waiting 6 years for this goddamn book. Occasionally I go looking for any news, and I ended up on LJ's "Fans Burning questions page. This woman is just being rude. "When is (blah blah blah) coming out""Oh, soon, meanwhile have you read my other books?"LIKE SERIOUSLY? I GET THA...

Strange Fate (2000) by L.J. Smith