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Series: Out Of Uniform

by Author Elle Kennedy


As Hot As It Gets (2014)

I'd picked up "A Little Bit of Hot" and fell in love with Jackson immediately. A dedicated Navy SEAL, he'd stood by as, one by one, his buddies and teammates found and settled down with the perfect woman. He'd come to a point where he wanted happily ever after, too. It was a nice twist on a commo...

As Hot As It Gets (2014) by Elle Kennedy

Getting Hotter (2012)

This was my least fav of the series. Seth was an asshole and even though I found out later what his objections were towards kids, I just didn't get why he was so fixated on Miranda and getting her in bed. Really? He could and had any woman he wanted although who would want him. He was a major...

Getting Hotter (2012) by Elle Kennedy

Heat of the Storm (2009)

3.5 stars. Will and Mackenzie. My least favorite of this series. It didn't work as well for me as the other books. I think I found Mackenzie less interesting because she lives away from the city and therefore has no other interactions with the other members of the group. She is also psychic, and ...

Heat of the Storm (2009) by Elle Kennedy

Heat Of The Night (2010)

Another great short in the "Out of Uniform" series. Our lucky SEAL who is captured by love this time is Ryan. Ryan is looking for a quick hook-up so naturally he heads to the girl he and his roommate has been tag-teaming for the last few weeks; she conveniently lives on the floor above them. Us...

Heat Of The Night (2010) by Elle Kennedy

Feeling Hot (2012)

Oh yeah! Elle Kennedy strikes again! I love her books but the downside is they end. Cash and Jen are great! Yes another Navy Seal with a bunch of really sexy friends. Elle really pushes the sexual WAAAAYYY beyond other authors but this book, really no words.......quite the erotica. Not for the f...

Feeling Hot (2012) by Elle Kennedy

Hotter Than Ever (2013)

Dylan/Aidan/Claire. We briefly met Claire in earlier books, she was set to marry Dylan's brother and came off like a real bitch from Dylan's view. She thought Dylan was a selfish jerk who had abandoned his Mom and family. Turns out they were both wrong and that Dylan's brother was the real jerk. ...

Hotter Than Ever (2013) by Elle Kennedy

Heat of Passion (2009)

3 ½ stars. This was nice. I enjoyed it. Good intense passionate sex. But it’s a novella.There is not much story and not much character development - because it’s too short. It’s mostly sex or thinking of sex. But I like the author’s writing style. The characters are Carson (Navy SEAL) and ...

Heat of Passion (2009) by Elle Kennedy

In Bed with Mr. Wrong (2014)

In Bed with Mr. Wrong? By Katee Roberts Bri wanted one thing when she moved to the town of Wellington, PA; stability and a place to call home. Yes, everyone seems to know your business, but it is more a sense of family making sure all is ok. What she was not looking forward to was the blind da...

In Bed with Mr. Wrong (2014) by Katee Robert