Series: Queens Of England

Author: Jean Plaidy

The Merry Monarch's Wife (2008)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 3
This was my second Jean Plaidy book and I must say it was a good one.Catherine of Braganza was a sweet natured girl who dreamed all her life that she will marry King Charles II and she will live happily ever after.At 24 she goes to England and she is marrried to King Charles.At first everything s...
The Rose Without a Thorn (2003)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 4
Katherine Howard has always been my least favorite of the wives of Henry VIII. She lacked the royal dignity of Katherine of Aragon, the wit and sophistication of her cousin Anne Boleyn, the quiet calculation of Jane Seymour, the sweet (yet canny) acceptance of Anne of Cleves, and the mature calm...
The Reluctant Queen: The Story of Anne of York (2007)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 4
I went searching for a blurb of the story at Random House's site and this what I found is what is written above- I must say that I am a bit puzzled, Anne was not bethrothed to the older brother of her childhood love and Plaidy certainly never made that mistake... The Reluctant Queen is part of a ...
In the Shadow of the Crown (2004)
3.88 of 5 Votes: 1
This is a story of Mary, Henry VIII’s daughter with Katherine of Aragon. As a child, Mary has it all. She’s the king’s only child and it’s understood she’ll be inheriting the throne. But, the king divorces the queen, marries Anne Boleyn, and has another daughter, Elizabeth. Mary is declared i...
Queen of This Realm (2004)
3.97 of 5 Votes: 1
When I was invited to write a review about a book by Jane Plaidy, I readily accepted. I had heard so much about the author but never really had the chance to read any of her works. Queen of this Realm seemed like a good choice for this first experience, since the charismatic Elizabeth I, queen of...
The Courts of Love (2006)
3.91 of 5 Votes: 4
Jean Plaidy’s historical novel of Eleanor of Aquitaine, Eleanor the Queen, includes important events in the lives of the title character, Henry II, and King Louis VII of France. Some of their sons’ and daughters’ stories are part of the intertwined story as well. The history itself is amazing, bu...