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Series: Razorland

by Author Ann Aguirre


Horda (2013)

This is the third installment of the Razorland series. Deuce and Fade have left Sanctuary to find help from the approaching Horde of Freaks at other settlements. On there return they find Sanctuary is under full attack. After rescuing as many as possible, they bring their people to a new settleme...

Horda (2013) by Ann Aguirre

La Horde (2014)

Sooooo.... I dropped a star from the previous two books. This one just had too much graphic violence for me. I got pretty tired of the battle yuck! I absolutely HATED when a certain character, whose name I will not divulge for the sake of not spoiling the book, died! I was a little shocked by tha...

La Horde (2014) by Ann Aguirre

Die Enklave (2011)

I liked this book for the dystopian element, I disliked it for the silly teenaged angst (yes it is a YA book, I should have expected) I hated it in its treatment of rape ...the why didn't you fight them attitude....and befriending the rapist because boys gotta do what's necessary and he has learn...

Die Enklave (2011) by Ann Aguirre