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Series: Samuel Johnson Vs. The Devil

by Author John Connolly


The Creeps (2013)

Aw! I loved the ending! I actually really enjoy this trilogy of Samuel Johnson and his friends. Intrigue and horror but hilarious and light, Connolly definitely hit every mark and then some with these. The end of this one though truly had me grinning with joy. *SPOILERS HERE* To know that Samuel ...

The Creeps (2013) by John Connolly

The Infernals (2011)

I should have enjoyed this more than I did, but I had just come off a double dose of Gabaldon. I read Outlander for the third time and Dragonfly in Amber for the second. She is such a great author, she keeps popping up in other author's book reviews! I am anxious to get back to her, but i am g...

The Infernals (2011) by John Connolly