Series: Stainless Steel Rat (chronological Order)

Author: Harry Harrison

The Stainless Steel Rat Saves the World (1973)
3.91 of 5 Votes: 1
Within the pantheon of endearing, morally-deficient scamps and scoundrels, James “Slippery Jim” Bolivar DiGriz (aka the Stainless Steel Rat) is up there with Bugs Bunny…except not quite so nasty. Jim is one of those characters you just want to hang out with and he's always good for a few laughs...
The Stainless Steel Rat's Revenge (1997)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 4
James Bolivar DiGriz (aka the Stainless Steel Rat) is my newest literary comfort food. After reading this, I even created a “comfort food” bookshelf because I found it such a mood-enhancing piece of toe-tapping terrific. Granted, there are a lot of morally casual rogue types surfing the SF space ...