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Series: Tales Of Guinevere

by Author Alice Borchardt


The Raven Warrior (2004)

This book is the second in what was meant to be a trilogy on the Arthurian legends involving the back stories of Arthur, Guinevere, and Lancelot. The book alternates between the pov of all 3, as they are rarely together in the book but separately go through various trials. Even though the legends...

The Raven Warrior (2004) by Alice Borchardt

The Dragon Queen (2002)

Although I liked this tale overall, there were pieces of it that bogged the story down for me.The Dragon Queen is yet another entry into the tales of Arthur and The Knights of the Round Table. For those who love their Arthurian legends with Merlin as the big bad- then this book's for you. For tho...

The Dragon Queen (2002) by Alice Borchardt