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Series: The 39 Clues

by Author Rick Riordan


El Laberinto de los Huesos (2011)

A young adult adventure novel about the courage to take risks, doing the right thing, trust, and loyalty. The story is exciting and suspenseful; each chapter has a first line that makes you want to read more and a cliffhanger ending. Part “National Treasure” and part “Indiana Jones,” there is dan...

El Laberinto de los Huesos (2011) by Rick Riordan

O Labirinto de Ossos (2010)

This was a quick read,but kept me interested. I decided to read the series because of my fifth grade class. Since it was one of the few series I haven't read, I picked up the first one from my school library. Now I am going to read the rest. I work in a low income school and most of my students ...

O Labirinto de Ossos (2010) by Rick Riordan

The 39 Clues #8 The Emperor's Code (2010)

Finally a book came out that is so interesting that I had to get new eye's for not blinking.***SPOILER ALERT***. In this book Dan gets lost in China, a country with over 1 billion people! The genre is Realistic Fiction.The setting of The Emperor's Code is in China. Amy and Dan went to China to fi...

The 39 Clues #8 The Emperor's Code (2010) by Gordon Korman

The Maze of Bones (2008)

Whoever thought of the concept for the 39 Clues in a Scholastic headquarters backroom was a genius. Not a literary genius, mind you. A marketing genius. Not only can Scholastic churn out books quickly using a variety of famous authors, they can sell trading cards. Tough begonias, libraries, e...

The Maze of Bones (2008) by Rick Riordan

The Sword Thief (2009)

A really fun book to read, now that I've read number 3 I feel like I have to read the whole series. It's exiting, fast paced, and refreshing, if you're a teen, to go read something that's easy. This book is good for people who like mystery and adventure. There is also dealing with loss, growing u...

The Sword Thief (2009) by Peter Lerangis

Vespers Rising (2011)

A great segue from one series to another. Being a lover of back story the multiple viewpoints in multiple time periods really appealed to me. After 10 books of hearing about it there was a certain degree of satisfaction involved in actually seeing the epic Cahill sibling fight. And getting some i...

Vespers Rising (2011) by Rick Riordan

The Emperor's Code (2010)

In the book series the 39 clues it is one of few series that have joint authors in all the books. In the book the emperor code the author is written by gordman Korman. The 39 clues is about the Cahill family the Cahill family has been every body important since the 1400s. Now in the early 21st ce...

The Emperor's Code (2010) by Gordon Korman

The Viper's Nest (2010)

I was afraid this same author might make Amy Cahill a silly love-struck girl again. He did it to her in "The Sword Thief" but this time, even though he introduced a love interest for her, he didn't make her behave too bad. But my grouse would be: why is it necessary to give her a love interest? T...

The Viper's Nest (2010) by Peter Lerangis

The Black Circle (2009)

A strange telegram lures fourteen-year-old Amy Cahill and her younger brother, Dan, deep into Russia and away from the only trustworthy adult they know. Signed with the initials NRR, the telegram launches a race to uncover a treasure stolen by the Nazis and the truth about the murder of the last ...

The Black Circle (2009) by Patrick Carman

One False Note (2008)

The book One False Note has a lot of action,adventure,and mystery and I would recommend this book if you like what is listed.Dan and Amy continue on their journey for the next clue and they find themselves getting into trouble.when Amy and Dan get on the train they get caught by the holts one of...

One False Note (2008) by Gordon Korman

The 39 Clues #10: Into the Gauntlet - Audio (2010)

Into The GauntletMargaret Peterson HaddixDan, Amy and Nellie get a clue, figure it out and go to a island and all the other groups follow them. They all go in the gauntlet and they make it to the end just to find out that Isabelle Kabra beat them and she forces them to say their ingredients and s...

The 39 Clues #10: Into the Gauntlet - Audio (2010) by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Into the Gauntlet - Library Edition (2010)

The final book in the series is here! The most interesting one in the series, and also when all the Cahill's unite against a crazy Cahill named Isabel. The genre is fiction, mystery and realistic fiction. I thought this book was very detailed and showed us the rest of the secrets of the 39 clues ...

Into the Gauntlet - Library Edition (2010) by Margaret Peterson Haddix