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Series: The Dumont Diaries

by Author Alessandra Torre


Do Us Part (2000)

Loved this series...maybe I was expecting something different in the middle of the book...but then the secret was out and I was somewhat disappointed. But still loved it and the ending was just what I wanted. Although there is still a secret to be told and we donĀ“t know how he reacted or if she e...

Do Us Part (2000) by Alessandra Torre

To Hold (2000)

Book 2 of this series was more compelling than book 1!! In book 1 I thought Candace got a sweet deal and was glad she took it. After all, she would be living in the lap of luxury and wasn't expected to do anything other than look good. In book 2 reality sets in and I started to regret her taki...

To Hold (2000) by Alessandra Torre

Till Death (2000)

I am always impressed by Ms. Torre's books, amazed at her ability to consistently surprise and entertain me! I would love to know where she comes up with these ideas! In part 3, I once again thought I knew where the story was going but she threw in a few more curveballs and kept me on my toes! Th...

Till Death (2000) by Alessandra Torre