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Series: The Hero

by Author Laura Kaye


Jedna noc z bohaterem (2013)

This was my first book by this author and let me say I really enjoyed Miss Laura Kaye! I felt like I wanted the story to go on but at the same time I was happy it ended when it did. The characters were great and I'm glad that there are other books with the supporting characters in them so I can c...

Jedna noc z bohaterem (2013) by Laura Kaye

Une nuit avec mon héros (2013)

This is the second boom to 'Her forbidden Hero' This is about Brody. Ally' s brother who meets a woman Joss.They say they will have only one night together but, they find they live next door to each other and they find they are drawn together.Brody has to face his past with his sister and there i...

Une nuit avec mon héros (2013) by Laura Kaye

Toi, mon héros (2013)

Long time friends to lovers. A good story between a disabled war veteran and his best friend's little sister! I enjoyed this book and while Laura continues to write fabulous books that seem to get better each time, this one holds a soft spot for me. I read it the first time a LONG time ago. N...

Toi, mon héros (2013) by Laura Kaye

One Night with a Hero (2012)

I just adore Laura Kaye's writing style. Regardless of the length of her books, you can always count on solid characters, and a storyline that tugs your heart strings. This read was no exception. I fell in love with the characters and the plot never failed to impress me. This made for a perfe...

One Night with a Hero (2012) by Laura Kaye

Her Forbidden Hero (2012)

Marco Vieri has returned from the military in a sorry state and the last thing he needs is the distraction in the form of a very old, good friend...whom he's starting to see as someone more than a friend. For Alyssa Scott, Marco has always been the one she's loved, and the hero she's always worsh...

Her Forbidden Hero (2012) by Laura Kaye