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Series: The Jane Austen Diaries

by Author Jenni James


Mansfield Ranch (2013)

HOly COW!!! Another amazing book Jenni James added into the Jane Austen Diaries. So, I usually have a not good attitude towards female protagonists in books. I usually hate them all, but I usually love the books. But, I have to say that I love Lilly in this book. James did an amazing job at makin...

Mansfield Ranch (2013) by Jenni James

Emmalee (2012)

This was a cute story that was based on Emma by Jane Austen. It was fun matching up the characters in this book who were similar to the characters in Jane Austen's Emma. My complaint about this book is that it annoys me when high school girls keep talking about being in love. I understand that so...

Emmalee (2012) by Jenni James

Persuaded (2012)

Persuasion is one of my favorite Jane Austen novels and this retelling did not disappoint. I know one novel's main character is an adult while the other novel's main character is a teen. Even with more than a hundred years separating the authors the novels are just fun and have storylines and emo...

Persuaded (2012) by Jenni James

Northanger Alibi (2012)

Holy cow this book was amazing. Jenni James has an amazing talent for making readers fall in love with her characters in the shortest amount of time.I cannot get over how amazing Tony Russo is. I fell in love with him almost as fast as Claire did. Claire is in love with Twilight, as I was when I ...

Northanger Alibi (2012) by Jenni James

Pride and Popularity (2011)

I loved this book! It was very light-hearted and clean. Cute, easy read story, with all the parallels to Pride & Prejudice, told in a modern backdrop.

Pride and Popularity (2011) by Jenni James

Pride & Popularity (2011)

Pride and Popularity was a pretty good fluff read. However, you really need to keep in mind that it is a fluff read, or else you will be setting yourself up for a lot of disappointment. Here's what I liked.1. Pride and Prejudice retelling. Need I say more?2. All the fluff. I'll admit, this was pr...

Pride & Popularity (2011) by Jenni James