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Series: The Strain Trilogy

by Author Guillermo Del Toro


Nocturna (2009)

On the plus side of The Strain, the opening scene is cool. The first page is a transcript of an airplane's cockpit, ended by a loud bang then static. The perspective then shifts to the air traffic control staff noticing that a recently landed plane on the tarmac has turned off all of its lights...

Nocturna (2009) by Guillermo del Toro

The Night Eternal (2011)

The first two books in the trilogy were fun and kept me wanting to read, but "The Night Eternal" was wild! Interesting history of the vampires, the Master being the original, his origin absolutely unreal. Although the future of the world would have been much bleaker because of the nuclear winter,...

The Night Eternal (2011) by Guillermo del Toro

The Strain (2009)

Bu vampirler sizin bildiğiniz vampirlerden değil! Aşk budalası vıcık vıcık vampir romanlarından sonra şiddetin olması gerektiği gibi yüksek, vampirlerin olması gerektiği gibi acımasız ve korkutucu olduğu bu roman fantastik bilimkurgu kitap arayışıma çok iyi geldi. Serinin ikinci ve üçüncü kitabın...

The Strain (2009) by Guillermo del Toro