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Series: The Travel Trilogy

by Author William Least Heat-Moon


Blue Highways (1999)

I started this book about a month ago and tried to fit it into a hectic schedule. This weekend I decided to give it a serious go and see where it would end up.The author decided to do a circle route of America when his life was destined to fall apart. He lost his job and his marriage was in troub...

Blue Highways (1999) by William Least Heat-Moon

River-Horse (2001)

There is no hiding in writing. You can run the River Of No Return in central Idaho, you can float the Xingu in central Brazil, raft the Grand Canyon of the wild Colorado, drive the Pacific Coast Highway, travel to faraway lands and cultures, or ride the rails and watch for fires in desolate, look...

River-Horse (2001) by William Least Heat-Moon