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Series: The War Of The Spider Queen

by Author R.A. Salvatore


Condemnation (2004)

This 3rd book in the War of The Spider Queen saga sets a steady pace following the conniving dark elf assassin, Nimor as he strives to bring war to Menzobrranzan, and another group of uncanny dark elves traversing through the Underdark and the surface world seeking out the myster of the Silence o...

Condemnation (2004) by R.A. Salvatore

Insurrection (2003)

I wish the underdark that R. A. Salvatore created was not so interesting. The world of dark elves is captivating. It’s the setting that I enjoy. This is the second book of six set in RA’s creation and like the first it was not that good. One thing that was annoying is that the characters are ...

Insurrection (2003) by Thomas M. Reid

Annihilation (2005)

This is my favorite book of the War of the Spider Queen saga! Philip Athans is an author that gives all that I could ask for. He writes the drow as vivid, and ruthless, as I've come to expect. The battle still rages on with the spiders that Lolth has given to birth to herself. Of those females le...

Annihilation (2005) by Philip Athans

Extinction (2004)

Lisa Smedman's effort comes up a little short for me. Coming off the tidal wave that ended Condemnation, I had high expectations for this book. While it had some strong points and highly entertaining moments, I felt overall it was a bit unorganized and somewhat "soft".First i'd like to point out,...

Extinction (2004) by Lisa Smedman