Series: Treehouse

Author: Andy Griffiths

De waanzinnige boomhut van 26 verdiepingen (2014)
4.23 of 5 Votes: 1
My copy is An ARC I received from a parent. It's the story of how Andy and Terry, the author and illustrator "met". It's full of crazy adventures and laugh out loud fun. Their 26-story tree house includes a bumper car game, shark tank and ice rink. My favorite is the anti-gravity chamber and th...
The 26-Story Treehouse (2014)
4.23 of 5 Votes: 4
I thought this was even better than the first book. And others seem to agree with me, because there are 26 more stories coming in two more sequels. I appreciate the little things like the infinite page 326. Great stuff in here. There is enough humor in this series to make it interesting beyon...
The 13-Storey Treehouse (2011)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 4
Andy and Terry have a 13-story treehouse, a machine that follows you around and shoots marshmallows in your mouth whenever you're hungry, and a deadline: they need to write a whole book (which they were supposed to have been working on all year) by tomorrow. Which would be no problem if it weren'...
Gutta i trehuset med 13 etasjer (2014)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 1
Drivel.Nonsense.Put Capt. Underpants in the penthouse and then take the elevator down to the basement and you will find Andy and Terry in their swanky treehouse. 2 grown menliving in a 13-story treehouse (which I have to admit is pretty awesome)tell a lie and a truth and the truth cancels out th...
De waanzinnige boomhut van 13 verdiepingen (2000)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 3
This book was mainly about one person trying to not make a book and they hadn't made one for a year and they had got a mermaid from some monkey things and the mermaid was actually a sea monster and they threw her into the sea once they had shrunk her with their shrink ray and they got more monkey...
The 13-Story Treehouse (2013)
4.14 of 5 Votes: 5
Fans of Wimpy Kid and Big Nate are going to love this book!The story is ultimately about the writer, Andy, and the illustrator, Terry, have to quick write and illustrate a book. Which they are doing… in their 13-story treehouse!! As a kid, you will look at the illustrations of this treehouse an...