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Series: Wildefire

by Author Ella Grace


Midnight Lies (2013)

4 STARS(I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review)."The winds of fate have blown cruelly on a family that once had it all: money, power, prestige. The lives of three beautiful daughters were forever changed when, on a sultry night in Midnight, Alabama, a murder-suicide sha...

Midnight Lies (2013) by Ella Grace

Midnight Secrets (2013)

Love,love,love Christy Reece. (Writing as Ella Grace in this series) She's from Alabama, like me. She writes a story that keeps you enthralled. This story is set in Alabama and The southern charm oozed from the pages. I absolutely felt at home. This story occurs in a town called Midnight. It'...

Midnight Secrets (2013) by Ella Grace

Embers and Echoes (2012)

WARNING: SPOILERS Man what a ride this book was! I was fortunate enough to borrow Embers and Echoes from my library only weeks after finishing Wildefire. I will doubtless go down this road multiple times in this review, but Colt Halliday.Is.A.Massive.Asshat. I never really liked him, always had a...

Embers and Echoes (2012) by Karsten Knight

Embers & Echoes (2012)

I'm surprise to find myself supporting Team Cole after all he has done to everyone including Wes, Ashline, Eve, and well, everyone. I totally hate the fact that I still like Cole after all those things he'd done. Grrr... Why do I like him so much? On second thought, I don't want to know why. Cole...

Embers & Echoes (2012) by Karsten Knight

Wildefire Göttin des Vulkans (2011)

Okay...I would actually rate this book at 3.5 stars, not because I disliked it, but I liked it so much that I want it to improve for the better. NOTE: This review contains not-so-inadvertent spoilers that I am too lazy to tag. There is definitely something to be said for male authors writing from...

Wildefire Göttin des Vulkans (2011) by Karsten Knight

Wildefire (2011)

This book could have been amazing, but in the end it was just entertaining. I think it's more of an introduction for the following book than anything else.I like the idea of highschool boys and girls being reincarnated gods of different cultures, that's really interesting, and thankfully I liked ...

Wildefire (2011) by Karsten Knight