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Friends And Lovers (2000)

Friends and Lovers (2000)

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About book Friends And Lovers (2000)

This book is titled Friends and Lovers by Eric Jerome Dickey. This book is a fiction. The main theme of the story is that friends can sometimes turn in to lovers but it doesn't mean that things will work out for the best. The book is about two men and two women Leonard, Tyrel, Debra and Shelby. They all meet at a club and schedule another date to see each other again. Leonard who is an up and coming comedian who’s not really enjoying the single life meets Debra, a shy hard working black woman whos not loving the single life so much either. Eventually Debra and Leonard become engaged then married and end up with a happy relationship. On the other hand Tyrel is a very dominant male whose mind is strictly on work while Shelby is a very out spoken woman. Shelby and Tyrel lived in the moment of ecstasy in which led to them not talking for a while. Leonard and Debra of course upset that their best friends do not get along until a tragic accident puts Shelby and Tyrel in the same room again. To find out much more than what i am telling you, read it for yourselves. The book is a very heart racing, tear shedding fiction. Some parts told of things in which happens in an every day relationship such as friends becoming lovers. People think that friends turned lovers will never split but this book proves this theory wrong. I would have not expected Tyrel and Shelby to even get along because of how stubborn they were. The book told of many descriptive details such as how each character felt for the other. People were actually able to feel the pain and love of each character. There was one character who I wasn’t bored with from beginning to end. The characters name is Richard. Richard was a comedian who’s always lived in the shadow of Tyrel when it cam to the lady’s. Now Tyrel is struggling and Richard is shining. He reminds me of my and an old friend. She used to get all the boys and I just sat there in the background unnoticed. I had it out for this character because I can relate to him so much. In a way reading this book has take atoll on me. All the drama between the two reminded me of a certain someone and me. It bought back old memories. I would recommend this book to anyone who lives in the shadow of a friend when it comes to a relationship. Also any man or woman who might just be going trough the same issues as the characters in the book. However I would not recommend this book to a person who holds no feelings, because they would not be able to understand the book. I also would not recommend this as a read out- loud for little kids because some parts told of explicit details. I would compare this book to Drama High by L. Divine because it goes trough the same issues such as going out with a friend who turns lover. This is a good book because it is very exciting and it will have you wanting to read more and more. I wasnt able to stop reading until i knew what would happen next.

Friends and Lovers is a romance novel about four friends (two girls and two guys) that become romantically involved with one another. The novel basically goes through the up and downs of each relationship in addition to some added mystery and suspense with in the novel to add to the creativity of the novel. What I noticed while reading this novel is that the author used the technique of slowing down the Hot Spot. There are many parts in this book where the characters are engaging in a heated argument and every single detail and word is given so that the reader can engage and in away connect to what is going between the two characters at that given moment. I definitely believe that the author used this technique effectively in this novel. I would not recommend that my students read this text because it is not age appropriate for my students but I could take certain parts of the text and use it as an example. For example, There is a part in the book where a couple is attacked in a parking garage, instead of just saying they were attacked in a parking garage I could go into detail like it was done in the text to give an example of what drawing out the hot spot means and how my students should implement that in their writings.

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Loved this book. EJD is an amazing author. The book moves fast but not so fast that it leave you wondering how the characters got from on point to the next. He makes storytelling seem like an art. The two main things I loved about this book were:1) Story line. The plot was so realistic. This book will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions because some parts will make you burst out laughing, cry, scream, smile, shake your head, etc. He perfectly captures the stages of relationships people go through—the nitpicking, petty fighting, and drama. 2) Characters. His characters in this book were so well written and developed. They were really authentic and relatable that I felt like they were right in my room having a conversation with me. I love how EJD goes deep into each character to explain what makes them tick and act a certain way. Would highly recommend this book. WOA: Read his books in the order they were printed because he sometimes gives updates on his characters from pass books.Friends and Lovers
—Taylor Fan

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