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From What I Remember... (2012)

From What I Remember... (2012)

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1423155084 (ISBN13: 9781423155089)

About book From What I Remember... (2012)

I want to start by saying that "From what I remember" is THE best road trip novel. Ever!It's the kind of book you're reading with a huge smile on your face and it leaves you with a warm, fuzzy feeling after turning the last page. It has enjoyable characters; action, humor and romance in perfect doses; it takes place in Mexico AND it mentions the Fifa World Cup!! so I just have to give it 6 (that's right, I said six) stars and recommend it to everyone who wants to have a fun read. Truly amazing book! When I read the back of this book-let me be completely honest, it didn't actually seem, appealing to me at first. It sounded like the usual high school love story with drunk teenagers that end up doing something really stupid on a party night. Let me just say, it was everything, but that. I mean obviously there was teenager humor in there, but I learned things from this book. And I don't regret reading this book, which by the way, I finished at 3 in the morning. Throughout entire book, I felt like either laughing or crying or dancing or doing something completely spontaneous! I was left wishing that the book had been turned into a movie because I'd definitely be first in line at the theater!

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really of those boooks we can relate to teenagehood

I loved this book so much.....its one OF the best books I've read in a long time..

I liked it and I wish there was another one

Cute. Funny. Entertaining.


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