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Fudge-a-Mania (2004)

Fudge-a-Mania (2004)
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Fudge-a-Mania (2004)
Fudge-a-Mania (2004)

About book: This is the 3rd book of Judy Blume's moderately famous series of Fudge. Frankly I read about the series by the time I was ravaging through my Wimpy Kid box set and I took a note to read some of this series when I get a chance. So, why the 3rd book? Well, because when I happened to go to my usual place of book shopping my eyes got caught on this. As all book has a fundge in the name, I thought "What the fudge, at least I will know if others can be read or not". Now lets get to the book. This book is about a 5 year old boy Fudge and is narrated by his younger brother Peter. Sincerely when i read the book first 50 pages were a travail. But as I know that any book need some tolerance before you can finally decide whether to go ahead with it or not, I went on. After 50 pages i decided to go ahead but it was never so much fun to read this. Peter seem to be a very tasteless character and frankly even Fudge is no fun. The author tried to cash on the Wimpy Kid customer but came our with a shoddy product which leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. I was almost glad that the book ended. The reasons that I finished the book was that it was only 160 pages and second, I knew that after reading this I can decisively put the rest the series out of question. This book made me realize I have gone too far with my Wimpy Fever and it's time for a reality check. I am glad that there are authors like Judy Blume who make us glad for all the great work that we have read in our life. Today I genuflect and pray for all the great authors that lived and I have a smile because I will never have to read Blume again. :)

Daisy (11) for www.bigbooklittlebook.comI have read the Fudge series so much that I probably know each book off by heart. It starts off by Fudge telling his older brother Pete he is getting married…. There are three problems with this; Fudge is only 5, he is supposedly marrying Pete’s arch nemesis, the ‘queen of cooties’ herself, disgusting Sheila Tubman and, he hasn’t actually asked Sheila yet. Then they set off on a10 hour car drive to Maine for a family holiday with a noisy bird, a barking dog and a crying baby.When they eventually arrive, the Tubmans are there already! Fudge makes new friends, teaches his pet bird to speak Spanish, writes a book about himself, turns himself blue and is a ‘ring bearer’ at his grandma’s wedding. A lot goes on in Fudge’s world and not a lot of it makes sense (except to fudge!)These books have been around for years and years and have stood the test of time. My mum read these when she was younger and has read them to all the classes that she has taught. All the pages are falling out of our copies because they are so well thumbed. I recommend the whole series including: ‘Tales of the fourth grade nothing’ (first published in 1972 and the first in the series), ‘Superfudge’, ‘Fudge-a-mania’ and ‘Double Fudge’. There is also a spin-off story called ‘Otherwise known as Sheila the great’.Verdict: When we read these books together even my dad comes in to listen and more than once we’ve laughed so much we cant go to sleep because we are so excited.
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Sophie Flores
This book"Judy Blume Fudge-a-Mania" was an absolutely must read. It feels like when you read the book it is like you are in it and you are in his adventures. It was hard to finish the book because it was one of my favorite book. This book is an absolutely must read.This book starts off with a kid named Pete and his crazy family go on a vacation to Maine. He finds out that his family gets to share a cabin with his enemy Sheila Tubman. My absolutely favorite part is when he swallowed a fly and he got into the I.S.A.F. club."Judy Blume Fudge-a-Mania" is a book with crazy adventures and wonders. I would highly recommend this book, if you like crazy stories, adventures, and wonders. This book will definitely not disappoint you.
This book is a story about a family vacation that went bad. Fudge has a brother named Peter and they are constantly battling just like brothers do. They find out they are going to Maine for three weeks for a family vacation but Peter's enemy is going to be living next door. Peter is not excited about the trip at all and once he get's there he finds out he is sharing a house with his enemy, Sheila Tubman. Peter also gets his first crush, Izzy and his grandmother finds love in Maine and it's to Sheila's grandfather. Sheila and Peter are related and they finally decide to be nice to one another. The story represents sibling rivalry, family gatherings, conflict and celebration. It's a good relatable book because everyone's had something like this happen to them before. There are many characters to keep up with in this story. I liked the story because it had a happy ending and it was funny and cute.
Honestly I'm on the fence about this one. She did have some humorous parts in the book but I hated how the parents weren't very good at discipline & seemed very absent in the book. I HATED how "smart" Sheila was; however Blume made her such an advanced character but she had moments of rudeness & ignorant childlike behaviors that had me at split ends with her. There were times I wanted to reach through the book & show her that she was a little too adult for a child. Don't get me start
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