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Full Throttle (2014)

Full Throttle (2014)

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The title of this book is a little misleading. I thought this was a MC book, but it's more of a Elite Ops style. Either way, it was really good!Abby is the presidents daughter. She meets Carlos, aka Steady, in med school. Soon tragedy strikes and their world is forever changed. They both quit med school and lead separate lives. Now years later, Steady is asked to protect Abby by her father. They are thrust into each others lives. Steady knows he has feelings for Abby, but she is so guilt ridden about the past she can't move on.This book was filled with thrills and danger. Through all the action a very sweet love story emerges. I really loved Abby's character. She's so genuine and caring. Steady is an Alpha male, but with a soft side. My only complaint was that the sex scenes weren't long enough. That's more of a personal preference, but otherwise I loved this book. Black Knights, Inc. series continues with Carlos "Steady" Soto story. This is one of the first series that I reviewed on my blog, and what a delight to get a chance to be on the publishing day spotlight with this series!And what a H.O.T. story Steady's book is, but I really didn't expect anything else from the Latin lover! Abby and Carlos have a history, with good, lustful, and joyful memories, as well as heartbreaking sorrow, and surprising secret. The attraction between Abby and Carlos is wanton, palpable. But the feelings go so much deeper, has a steady foundation. Together they are sweet, funny, adorable, and yes, sexy as can be! The heat level is high, the love scenes detailed, and certainly make your heart beat faster, if the action didn't already do it!And the constant, super heroic, intense action will keep you on the edge of your seat.The story is told from several points of view, giving it depth, and making it intriguing.As has always been the case with the series, there's another love interest introduced, this time Dan and Penni. It did my heart good, to see Dan back on his feet, and I am looking forward to read more about him, and his recovery and new life in the future.Another trademark of this series is the long, humorous - pie on your face, cartoon type of humor - inner thoughts of the characters. At times they make you laugh, and at times, in the middle of the cut throat action, can be a bit destructive.Delightful and engaging continues with the captivating series~ Four spoons!

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I enjoyed this book but I want so much more of Dan and Penni

Another great book in the BKI series!

review coming soon.

Review to come!

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