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Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 23 (2010)

Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 23 (2010)

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About book Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 23 (2010)

"I can't obey that order, Sir. Please put down your hand.""...your actions aren't for the good of the country. or even your own comrades!! Cold-blooded hatred...that's what's driving you!!! Please, Colonel. You mustn't take that path!" Riza HawkeyeAnother favourite. :') It gets darker and darker... making us think sometimes we loose ourselves and our principles lie forgotten when we go to far in order to achieve our goals. Mustang has Riza to remember him when to stop... Everyone is in the thick of battle now and all of the characters are really showing what they are capable of under pressure. Alphonse has to face a difficult moral decision in his battle against Pride. Various others in this city either face off against the zombie army within or wage an information campaign without to get the people of Central city to understand they are under attack from their own government. But the main focus of this volume is the showdown between Mustang and Hughes’s murderer Envy.I love how there is still character development happening even this late in the series. It is never too late to grow or change or have a new side of yourself be shown in impossible and highly charged circumstances. The choices that the characters are forced to make and the growing that results was not just emotionally charged and beautifully drawn but it was realistic as well.Things are getting violent and almost gory here leading up to the end but I couldn't help noticing that amongst the gore and all of the fighting over and over again the faces of these characters remains the main focus, what they feel and experience and how this is changing them as they fight to save Amestris and their lives. This battle is not over yet.

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Great development in the new relationship of Scar-Elrich Bros.-Mustang-Hawkeye-& the Chimeras...

Another fantastic volume by Arakawa. FMA always impresses me storywise,characters,action.

Yoki is an amazing character and you can't say otherwise. :p

The story in this series is so well developed.

No words, just beautiful

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