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Fyrmesteren (2009)

Fyrmesteren (2009)
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Fyrmesteren (2009)
Fyrmesteren (2009)

About book: Taattua Läckbergiä, koko paksu dekkari tuli ahmaistua käytännössä kerralla. Erica ei tässä ole niin ärsyttävä kuin monesti aiemmin ja juoni on hyvä. Loppuratkaisu on ihan alusta asti nähtävillä todella selvästi, mutta vasta ihan viime metreillä lukija (ainakin tämä kyseinen lukija) tajuaa sen, mikä on ollut alusta asti itsestäänselvää. Taitavaa kerrontaa ja hyvä juoni, mitä muuta dekkarilta voi toivoa? aka The Lost Boy aka Fyrvaktaren The series is best enjoyed in chronological order.I'm at a loss. Some Lackberg books in this series have been far far more enjoyable than others. And of course I've been committing the crime of reading them out of order all the time. Yet the best to me of the series remains the first one, Ice Princess.This one has the same Lackberg style that I've got to like somewhat during the series. A big Brunetti and Hamish MacBeth like; a huge fabric of people and family business and daily life things happening instead of the dark, gruel stuff with a billion twists before a solution that works is found that I love more. (And now it's time for exactly that. I can't do more of this style in a row).The fabric of the people is great, and some have interesting characters. The daily life of a small village in Sweden brings in some charm.But the overall taste left of the book is of ingredients that didn't quite mix, and of a solution that didn't satisfy. The murdered guy was to the end completely devoid of character and any flaws, and to compensate that there was a spice mix that didn't cut it for me: family violence (and not any every single character in the book that had ever been subjected to violence felt like getting any of your empathies or sympathies at all), drugs (more specifically: no, that's not how cocaine or the business around it works), financial theft, broken characters... Too many characters to blend in; I'm guessing some were mostly a leftover from previous stories, and that just linger around because they still are in Fjallbacka. Erica's sister seems to get worse and worse as the series goes on (and soon she might even be more annoying than Erlendur's Eva Lind - already very close). Then Vivianna and her financial and other scheming that didn't quite fit in (yet she'd have totally won the Eva Lind award in this book - the most irritating person in a crime book or thriller). But the winner goes still to the lingering ghost stories, and the resolution of the story. It left the same kind of bad taste that a bad movie leaves, "That's it? That's the whole story? Are you kidding me?" - with this ending, 1.75 * max, but with a better one it could have been 4 *.
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Un libro maravilloso. Como siempre una historia que engancha y con un final digno de esta autora.
Very good thriller. First book read by this author will check out the back issues.
Fantastic author - her books are always a great read.
Una vez más genial y con final inesperado!
No, I did not read the Swedish version.
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