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Gambled: A Titan Novella (2013)

Gambled: A Titan Novella (2013)

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0989776077 (ISBN13: 9780989776073)
Mill Creek Press

About book Gambled: A Titan Novella (2013)

One problem: this book is too short. I loved reading second chance love story, a couple tried to save their marriage and I was anticipating this. The thing is I didn't impress with how the way Brock and Sarah reconnecting. The "more" she wanted didn't exactly with details other than the upgraded desire towards her husband and suddenly everything's good. It was hard to believe because seriously after all that happened, the fallout, the betrayal and such, things are cool after kiss and make love. Like, for reals? Anyway, I loved the concept of forgiveness - we human need it. How I wish this wasn't a novella. So much potential, truly. Read on your own peril. Reviewed for Read Your Writes Book Reviewsby GeminiGambled is a novella that is part of The Titan Series. It focuses on what happens between Brock Gamble and his wife Sarah, after Westin’s Chase. I would not consider this to be a stand alone novella. There is a lot that happens prior to this novella that would make it very difficult to follow most of the references without having read the prior books. Brock Gamble falls into a drunken stupor after Sarah leaves with his two little girls. Up until recently, Sarah and the girls lived inside a bubble and had no connection to the other life that Brock led when he was on missions for Titan. Brock thought that this was the best way to protect them but that idea failed miserably. In the end, his team still had to save them and he was left alone without his friends or family. The novella focuses on Brock’s attempt to win his wife back. He convinces her to go on a tropical vacation with him. She agrees but she also decides that she no longer wants to live a sheltered life. She wants to be adventurous on several levels, especially where sex is concerned. She also wants to learn more about her husband and what he did to save other people. Sarah wants to be stronger and doesn’t want to ignore the dangers in the world that her husband tried to hide her from. Oddly enough, she gets her chance to do all of these things on their vacation. While in St. Lucia, Brock gets asked by his Titan boss to rescue a girl that had been abducted who is supposedly not too far from the hotel where they are staying. Reluctantly, he allows Sarah to go with him on the mission and they both put their lives in danger without any backup. What happens next will change them both and have an impact on their future. I found Gambled to be a good novella. I wanted to learn a lot more about their marriage and evolution. I hope to see more of them in future books. I recommend that you read the whole series. It is worth it.Source: Personal Purchase

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Can't wait to read more. I've read out of order, but will go back to the beginning.

this one was one of my fav, loved Sarah and Brock, looking forward to more

I was waiting for Brock's story and this didn't disappoint!

Sarah and Brock!

Too short

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