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Game Changers #1 (2012)

Game Changers #1 (2012)

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The Game ChangerThe book i read was Game Changer by Mike lupica.My favorite part of the book is when Ben got to be friends with the team quater back Shawn. I liked this because like football and i like to see people getting along. Shawn and ben weren't friends until ben offered to but hm pizza. The main characters in this book is Ben and shawn. What i like about Shawn is that he doesn’t have any friends and he lets Ben become his friend. What i like about Ben is that he is willing to become Shawn friend. I also thought that Ben was a nice friend to Shawn because he help him get better at being a quarterback.I recommend people who like football. I also recommend people who like book about people getting along with each other. I also recommend this book to people who like read pretty lengthy books.I don’t recommend this to people who don’t like to read about football. I also don’t recommend this book to people that don’t like to read long books. I thought that this book was excellent. I think that this book shows the real loyalty and friendship between the Rams football team and the core 4 (Ben, Coop, Lily and Sam). I love how in the end Shawn, Ben, Coop, Sam and Lily all become friends after a rough first meeting. I think that it was the write decision for coach O' Brian to take Shawn out of the quarterback position and to put in Ben. In the end both Shawn and Ben liked their new positions at wide receiver for Shawn and quarterback for Ben. I would recommend this book to both boys and girls from around the age of ten to sixteen who like football.

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I think this book is good if you like sports book I would recommend it

A good book about doing the right thing even when it is challenging.

It is between being a good taemate or getting what you wanted.

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