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Game For Seduction (2008)

Game for Seduction (2008)

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1416558527 (ISBN13: 9781416558521)
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2.5 stars. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood, but this was very "slam bam thank you ma'am" for me...which usually isn't a problem. But I feel like things happened way too fast for me in this story and certain problems which were built up throughout the story were solved a little too easily for my liking. Too glossed over, too tidy, and all but missing a gift bow. Quick easy read, but if was like one steam scene to the next and I've forgotten it already. Was a really good story. I was a little frustrated by how long it took Dominic & Melissa to get their act together. But when they did....WOW!!!!!! Dominic wasn't a dumb jock & I liked that a lot because a lot is made of professional athletes being dumb & I really don't think that there are too many of them left anymore. Melissa's character grew as the story went along which was nice to see. She finally stood up to the people that were trying to keep her down & showed her strength & character. Would definitely suggest as a read to everyone.

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I loved Dominic DiMarco in this book and the only other thing I can say is sex, sex, and more sex.

OMG. This book was good from start to finish. i didnt put it down until i was done. I loved it.


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