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Gates Of Paradise (2013)

Gates of Paradise (2013)
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Gates Of Paradise (2013)
Gates Of Paradise (2013)

About book: I finally got around to reading the last novel in the "Blue Bloods" series. I'm sad to see it finished. This series has really been a guilty pleasure series for me. This last book was no different and this ending was one that this series deserved.We get to learn more about the other side of Schuyler's family in this novel. We get to see her dad's side of the family and learn more about what he did to Allegra. I was kind of iffy on Schuyler through out this novel. The reason why I wasn't happy was that she kept brooding over Jack and talking about how she missed her love. At the same time though, she wasn't just sitting around and doing nothing. So, I was glad that she didn't let the fact that she had no idea where Jack was stop her but I didn't like the brooding.Bliss comes back into the series too. Umm, where has she been? She's been hanging out with the wolves. I liked that we got to see her and how her life has been going while everyone has been off fighting the silver bloods. Bliss had really disappeared from the series and now she makes her big re-appearance.Mimi really had a character change in this novel. We really see how she has come far from the person that she was at the beginning. She cares about what happens to those who she loves and who her brother loves. We get to see how far she will go to protect those loved ones as well. I liked that we got to see both efforts in the fight as well. With Mimi, we were able to see what Lucifer had up his sleeve, which added to the story. Cruz did a great job of bring every story line together. We even get to see Gabrielle and how Bliss came to be. Lots of questions were tied up in this novel and it was good to see that you could leave this series feeling satisfied. The only thing was that I wanted more clarification on what happened with Oliver. The rest of the story was wrapped up nicely and you could leave the series knowing what was in store for the characters.I loved this series. It will always be one of my favourite guilty pleasure series. Definitely recommend this series to fans of Alyxandra Harvey and P.C Cast. Or, if you like vampire series, then you should check out this series too! Do you want to know what I think about this book? This book is MINDBLOWING. From the first page, the tension's kept increasing, and I really had to stop for a moment because my mind was going to blow. My feeling was like I'm being pushed down to a cliff and then I was saved, and being pushed down again and saved again and over and over again. I was like watching a movie inside my head and I really enjoyed it. The ending? Loved it. Watch out for Oliver, I.really.did.not.expected."that".coming.
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I don't know what to think now that I read the description for Vampires in Manhattan!!
Really enjoyed this book, sad for it to come to an end!!
My favourite book series! Totally recommend it!
I just cried at the end. I just cried. :') :')
Bit of a cliffhanger...
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