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Geboren Um Mitternacht (2012)

Geboren um Mitternacht (2012)

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384142127X (ISBN13: 9783841421272)
Fischer FJB

About book Geboren Um Mitternacht (2012)

This book is billed as a YA paranormal, but truly it should have been a teen romance more than anything else. It could have been titled "Kylie Wants to Hook Up." The writing was uninspired, the characters static and, for the most part, uninteresting, and the plot line was absent. There were lots of weird little side stories that were just random story events that seemed to connect to absolutely nothing and didn't do a thing to move the plot -- had there been one -- ahead. Sarah's potential teen pregnancy had no purpose in the story. Kylie's parents getting a divorce at about the time she went off to camp didn't seem to serve any real purpose in the story. Kylie is supposedly "supernatural" and will, at this camp, find out "what she is." If she'd spent as much time and energy working toward that end as she did chasing a multitude of boys and either kissing or thinking about kissing them, she would have had an answer at the end of the book. But, alas, she didn't have any more answers at the end of the book than she did at the beginning.The only "real" conversation Kylie has with her mother comes at the very end of the book, once you've decided that both Kylie and her mother are self-engrossed flakes and you couldn't possibly care less whether they ever see eye to eye. This book could have been so much more if the author had a single focus and had remained diligent in her efforts to develop and enlighten Kylie's character.All things considered, this book was a big disappointment and will be the last I read from this author. I had flipped through the book before getting it to see if there was language or sexual content but didn't find anything. When I started reading it though I found more then I liked so I don't think I even finished the first chapter. It's disappointing how many books contain this when they don't really need it. There could be a really great story that is ruined by this unnecessary content.

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4,5 Es un libro introductorio pero me ha gustado muchísimo

Well. I read this.

4,5 Sterne. :)

No, just no.

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