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Geknipt Voor Elkaar (2011)

Geknipt voor elkaar (2011)

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Grace Publishing House Veenendaal

About book Geknipt Voor Elkaar (2011)

I really like this book, and am so glad to have had picked it up. I didn't think I'd enjoy it at first, for some reason, it was just something that caught my eye. What surprised me the most is how funny it is! The bickering between J.T. and Hannah made me giggle. I enjoyed it so much that I was kind of disappointed when they both realized that they loved each other. But that isn't a bad thing! Their shyness towards each other afterwords is absolutely adorable. The romantic encounters between them made me feel like my own heart was racing, it might have been a little bit cheesy (for me, who usually reads books with more action) but I'd expect no less (in fact I dove into this book hoping for it to be). I felt it perfect after them butting heads for a while.Then there are the other characters, who I really love as well. Ezra ended up being my favorite character, and he brings even more humor into the book. I found it especially funny when he (maybe a little bit of a spoiler?) went to church for the first time in years, and J.T. threw a little bit of a fit when he saw Hannah come with him. Delia was an absolute darling. She reminded me of myself sometimes, with the slight plumpness and eating and shyness. I love who she ended up with, as I didn't so much care for the other guy. His personality irked me, so I'm kind of glad he ended up how he did, even though I do feel sorry for him.The only reason why I knocked off one star was because I felt like it dragged on a little bit. Then that last part with the store felt a little bit predictable. I was hoping that someone else had done it, but I couldn't put my mind as to who. Anyway, I really enjoyed this book a lot. It has a good lesson in it too! Right now I'm reading another book by Karen Witemeyer (Head in the Clouds) and I think I'm liking it better than this one! It has made me laugh more than I expected. I recommend this books highly, even to non-believers who I think could enjoy this book as well. I loved this book! This is the second book I've read by Karen Witemeyer, and I must say, she does an amazing job with Christian Romance. I'm looking forward to reading more of her books.I especially loved this one because I found that I had something in common with Hannah. Like her, I love sewing. I loved reading about her making/selling dresses, because that is my dream (to someday make/sell Historical costumes). I loved everything else about this book, but the sewing aspect made it perfect!

Do You like book Geknipt Voor Elkaar (2011)?

I rather enjoyed this one. It was quite humorous in several parts. Overall a sweet love story.

Not deep soul-changing literature but a wonderful love story!

Really cute, happy, insightful story.

Love her books!

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