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Get Bent (2013)

Get Bent (2013)

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Sarian Royal

About book Get Bent (2013)

I loved how the relationship between Naomi and Turner matured, but I am feeling mixed emotions about the mystery… I like that there is something more in this series rather than just a relationship between two characters but I'm not fully digging it… I think we should have found out a bit more of the mystery story, and now I hear that I have to sit through book 3 before I get some answers about the kidnapping mystery in book 4…. mmh... *some spoilers* well.... This book was not as easy to get into in the beginning... Maybe that's becuz Naomi Knox is missing. But once things start to take a turn, and Turner realizes he can't live without her, it picks up for the better. I love the push and pull these 2 characters have with one another.... And I love how he just won't give up no matter how much she hates him. I'm at a loss for the "family drama" and some popular character involvement with her abduction... But towards the end, it starts to become more clear. I thoroughly enjoyed part 2 of this series and I'm starting the next book as soon as I'm done with this review. There were a few "shocking" moments that had me saying "wtf" out loud to myself PLUS some steamy scenes with the hot Turner F'N Cambell! I'm lovin this series.... Give me more!

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One twisted up mother effing story is sick it


this was ok.


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