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Ghetto Superstar (2009)

Ghetto Superstar (2009)

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0345493893 (ISBN13: 9780345493897)
One World/Ballantine

About book Ghetto Superstar (2009)

Fabiola Mays was born to be a star. It was good to see a character that didn't sleep her way to the top. When she was younger a street legend named Casino saved her family of a financial crisis. As she got older, she was given an opportunity to repay his kindness. Over time, their relationship grew and he was the key to Fabiola making it to the top. Everyone in her family is proud of her success, or are they... Fist read by Turner and she kept the pages a turning. This is a ride on the two sides of this one young lady's life. We will not discuss her name. I will let that slide because that is just what someone from the ghetto would name their child. This is a drama ride for her and how she makes it to the top. But there are many a obstacles in her was even once she reaches the top. There is no way to know that those the build you up will do anything to take you down.

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I surely hope there is a second book! Nikki always delivers good stories and good characters.

The ending for me was horrible, I didnt like it at all, however it was a nice read.


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