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Ghost Train To New Orleans (2014)

Ghost Train to New Orleans (2014)

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0316221147 (ISBN13: 9780316221146)

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In general, I enjoyed the first book of the series, A Shambling Guide to New York. Although the story fell a little flat at the end, the worldbuilding was incredible. This sequel adds much more character depth and paints even more detail to the world. The story felt stronger than that of the first book. New Orleans always makes an amazing backdrop for any urban fantasy. That being said, if you skip the first book, you might not get the full depth of this one. It adds to the first book, versus replacing it or standing on its own.It's a fun read and, despite a few flaws in the first book, I'd still recommend both books in the series. The Ghost Train to New Orleans by Mur Lafferty didn't feel quite as strong as the first book in the series, The Shambling Guide To New York City, but there was still a lot to like here. I liked the feel you get of New Orleans, I liked the new characters introduced and I especially like how there is no status quo here, this isn't a series book that tries to end things in essentially the same place it started.I'll probably feel kinder towards is later on when I re-read the series from the beginning, but right now I will say that it's well written and entertaining, but I just liked the first one more. Looking forward to book 3, especially as it looks like they're coming to my neck of the woods, England.

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Mur is amazing and I enjoyed this book even more than the first one in the series. Recommended! :D

Closer to a 3.5, this was a solid sequel to the first.

I love these books I hope there are more

Somewhat predictable, but entertaining.

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