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Ghoulfriends Forever (2012)

Ghoulfriends Forever (2012)

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0316222496 (ISBN13: 9780316222495)
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

About book Ghoulfriends Forever (2012)

If you were expecting the "MH: Ghoulfriends Forever" series to be anything like the "Monster High" series that Lisi Harrison wrote, you were--no doubt--GRAVEly disappointed. This series is apparently aimed at 3rd and 4th grade children, and has much larger print, which made it quite a bit easier on my eyes. But, that's pretty much where the good things about this end, since it was a struggle to make it through this. Where Lisi's MH books might take me 3 or 4 hours to read, this one could not keep my attention that long, and it took me parts of 3 days to read it. Another thing about this that really bothered me is how the monsters actually call themselves "monsters". In the originals, the monsters called themselves "RADs". Did Gitty not think the grade schoolers could understand RADs and what it means? And, the whole Miss Flapper thing was drastically overplayed. New teacher swoops into MH, wins over the hearts of all the monsters (except the Main 4), and puts everyone under her Monster Whisperer spell. And, she does this just by claiming she's a Dragon Whisperer. Seemed really weird to me that only 4 students could seem through her facade. What was even worse was that, after the Main 4 have rescued all the students from this horrible spell (which took like 2/3 of the book to come up with a way to do!), Headmistress Bloodgood has the nerve to say that Miss Flapper is as much a victim as everyone else. WTF?!? No, she put them under the spell....No amount of her fake tears should make people think she's a victim, when she is actually the culprit! But, at the end of the book, after they have made months pass in just a few pages, we are told that Miss Flapper is being controlled to do this, and that the monsters controlling her are coming to Monster High. When you read that, it makes you slightly suspicious of Rochelle's arriving friends, but I don't think they have anything to do with it. We'll see.---------------------- Luckily, I got the 2nd book from the Decatur Public Library as well, so I will be able to continue reading this story. And, I hope book 2 is better than book 1. But, I really miss Lisi's MH series. It needs to continue. Primera parte de una nueva saga de Monster High, pero ojo, NO es necesario leer los libros de Lisi Harrison para entenderle a este libro, son dos sagas completamente distintas, lo único que comparten son algunos personajes.En este libro, la autora nos muestra las nuevas aventuras de algunos monstruos del instituto Monster High. En este libro conocemos a Rochelle (una gárgola), Venus (una chica planta) y Robecca (una especie de chica robot) que, junto a Cy Clops, tratarán de detener a la malvada profesora Silfidia Alada que quiere apoderarse de la escuela, y de todos los monstruos. Pero no saben que hay algo peor que la profesora.Es una historia más infantil que los de Harrison, y estoy de acuerdo con los demás bloggeros y lectores: no es la misma esencia de Lisi Harrison, los de ella son más juveniles y frescos, y transmite más enseñanzas; pero este libro sí transmite algo: hay que trabajar juntos si queremos mejorar algo. Muy buena enseñanza para los que lo lean.Pero eso sí, es mucho muy infantil :P pero es muy entretenido leer todo eso del querer robar el instituto, lo de los trols, lo de los susurros... Es una buena lectura para pasar el rato, y es excelente para los pequeñines, y más aún con el diseño del libro: tiene ilustraciones, letra enorme con muchos margenes, simplemente tiene un diseño precioso.Sobre los personajes: Rochelle es una chica decidida, con un toque francés, y un corazón confundido; Robecca es, sencillamente, una chica MUY olvidadiza; Venus, una chica que ama el medio ambiente; Cy, que adora a Robecca; la profesora Alada, una profesora buena pero controlada que causa mucho desastre. El personaje al que más cariño le tomé fue al Señor Muerte, es muy depresivo y me causó ternura; y los que más odié fueron los trols (menos a uno), todos necesitan un buen baño xDEs una lectura muy entretenida, con una gran variedad de personajes y de todo tipo, con situaciones complicadas, y mucha, mucha diversión. En lo personal, este libro me agradó bastante, muy divertido (me encanta la literatura infantil).

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as cheezy as it is I would definitely ad it to the "goodreads" section! (;

Cute, safe and fine for my daughter age 11 to read.

great book.


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