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Ghouls Rush In (2014)

Ghouls Rush In (2014)

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1477818553 (ISBN13: 9781477818558)
Montlake Romance

About book Ghouls Rush In (2014)

Interesting first book in a series. Peyton is reinventing her life after a bad marriage and divorce. Working with Ryan, her sexy neighbor/general contractor to renovate her historic home in New Orleans should be enough of a challenge, but the house isn't empty. Drake Montague, former owner of the house, still inhabits it. Peyton and Drake form a bond that turns into a strange unity when he possesses Peyton. Having a male spirit in her head definitely puts a damper on Peyton's romantic and sexy moments with Ryan. The book ended rather abruptly and is wide open for the next one. "Ghouls Rush In", by H.P. Mallory has alittle of everything for you. Peyton Clark is now in the position to finally be her true self. Her new life now is so different from her old Stepford wife routine she endured for five years in California with ex-hubby, Jonathan. Peyton thinks it is destiny when she receives the deed to a relative's house, that she had never met yet, on the same day her divorce is finalized. She goes out and buy a whole new wardrobe and bids the west coast goodbye. A home in New Orleans with a rich history of the unknown and things that go bump bump in that unknown. All Peyton sees is a project she can throw herself into.Her neighbor has a habit of making her blush. He believes the house is beyond repair but not Peyton. It is just what she needs. Peyton Clark falls for her neighbor and a ghost. Which one will be the one for her? Before she can decide that, she faces several rituals with a warlock and a voodoo woman, allows Drake, the ghost, to live in her body, a demon that tried to choke her, and discovering a true cold murder case about New Orlean's Axeman? Has H.P. Mallory got your attention yet? She had me from page one. H.P Mallory's work is truly creative and enjoyable. Her descriptions are stunning. The characters are believable, are down to Earth, and the person(s) down the road from you. One could easily fall into Mallory's world or in this case Peyton Clark's new world. A must read, just be careful of the humor. It might just snick right up on you.

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kinda quirky - probably why I enjoyed it - this was my KOLL for May

Dreadful beyond comprehension.

entertaining fluff

Review to follow.


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