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Gilded Age (2012)

Gilded Age (2012)
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Simon & Schuster
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Gilded Age (2012)
Gilded Age (2012)

About book: This was a Goodreads win. I have never read "The House of Mirth" by Edith Wharton so I cannot make a comparison. I thought the book was well written and I enjoyed the story. It's about relationships and the harm we can do to one another through gossip . The characters became real to me . I usually prefer the happy endings but realize that isn't always the way life is. If this was the author's first novel I do hope she'll write another. This book is about a girl that has been very unlucky in love, and it follows her around as she fights what others think as she try's to find love in Cleveland, Ohio. I also live in the Cleveland area and have many issues about how it is portrayed. Let me get one thing straight; Clevelanders do not come BACK to Cleveland. EVER. We leave, and NEVER look back. Now that that issue is cleared, I thought the story was pretty well-done. The characters were relatable and realistic and I really felt for them. Ellie just let people get to her way too much, and it was obviously her downfall. The narrator was also a well-done character, but she was never named. I thought that was really interesting and thought it added more mystery to the book. The story was quick and easy to read and I did enjoy it. Also, a very big plus, there were NO grammar issues!!! Unbelievable! It was good and enjoyable, and though there were some slower parts, they were quick and then something interesting would happen. About halfway through the book it really pick up,and I flew right through it. I think McMillan did a pretty great job with Gilded Age, and since shes local that makes it even cooler! I am very excited to see what she writes next! Overall it was a nice, fast read, and don't believe a single word said about Cleveland and Clevelanders.
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I don't know how this book isn't plagiarism but I enjoyed it nevertheless.
A fun read especially if you have any connection to Cleveland.
Seemed to vague which made it hard to get into.
This book was very meh.
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